WE Retreats

For the past 3 years, the WE team has been working together as a team in the Wellness industry. Combining our knowledge and abilities, we have been working hard to isolate the most rewarding health and wellness experiences to offer you an amazing schedule.

Set within the stunning Lan Sabai compound, you will explore your mind, body and soul in an offering distilled from what previous clients have all loved and benefitted from.

The retreat will be hosted by Chris, our positive and caring Coach with support from the rest of the beautiful WE team. Each element within the schedule has been chosen not only for its value as a stand-alone experience, but also for its ability to be easily applied to an ongoing wellbeing routine.

We hope that our passion and abilities will provide you with an experience that allows you to learn, grow and connect with the elements that are most beneficial for you. With plenty of time to unwind and relax, we hope you join us for a truly unique, fun and rejuvenative wellbeing getaway.

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