Lan Sabai was born from the vision Lisa van Roode has on the wellbeing of modern life. As an enthusiastic enterprising Dutch woman with involvement in successful (but stressful) companies, Lisa noticed that the western population tends to take poor care of themselves. It was clear that poor health, depression and burnout were becoming the norm for modern day business men and women. This experience in her work life founded the belief that everyone should take the time to give focused attention to their mind and body. This noble thought has made her start with the development of Lan Sabai, an ideal place to retreat and work on yourself. Lan Sabai will ensure that you relax and (again) get inspired. In this process, you will be well taken care of in order for you to have complete focus on the success of your event.

Lisa van Roode


We have the earth merely on loan and we should take care of it as best as we can.

At Lan Sabai we have the environment listed as a top priority with our aim to be CO2-neutral. Our resort has double walls, double glass, LED lighting throughout the building and we collect rainwater to water the plants. Leftover food and garden waste is used as food for animals and compost as fertilizer for our organic garden. Drinking glasses are made from recycled glass or bamboo and the straws from vegetable waste. Solar panels are the next priority on our Eco-friendly mission.

Lan Sabai

Sabai dee kha!

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